F.I.R Company


Each day, we commit ourselves, to provide the best value for our customers by using premium raw materials, advanced technologies and qualified personnel. Our aim is to develop innovative products, flexible solutions and superior customer service for safe, smooth and creative mobility systems.

The company mission, summarized in the slogan "your ideas in motion", is to create value for our customers through the provision of quality, flexibility, innovation and service.

Modena is famous throughout the world for high quality engineering and excellent design. F.I.R. is one of the leading manufacturers of wheels and casters for the industrial and service sectors and is proud to be a part of the Modena engineering tradition.

F.I.R. was founded by Enrico Rota who pioneered the technologies and use of advanced materials that have made the company very successful. Today, F.I.R. is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel casters and wheels in polyamide and polyurethane.

In recent years, the F.I.R. success story has been the result of injection molding of elastic polyurethane. Our wheels are perfect for electric vehicles, robots, scrubber-driers, AGV and indoor mobility systems.

The acquisition of a tooling unit in 2014 has made possible the design and building of molds for the production of new wheels and for modifying existing ones. The result is very flexible production and the capacity to design and produce customized products.

F.I.R factory in Modena


You choose the specifications to meet your requirements. We design, produce and deliver your wheels.The F.I.R. Technical Department designs innovative products and creates personalized solutions to satisfy all customer needs.The newly integrated Tooling Division has increased flexibility and has enhanced our ability to design and develop customized products to meet your specific requirements.

F.I.R design produce and deliver your wheels

The newly integrated Tooling Division has increased flexibility and has enhanced our ability to design and develop customized products to meet your specific requirements.

F.I.R Tooling Division

We only choose top quality materials.

F.I.R  robotized injection molding equipment

The robotized injection molding equipment is at the forefront of automated technology.

The machining unit finishes the wheel to your precise specification.

F.I.R produce wheels to your precise specification


F.I.R certificati

We produce and sell quality.F.I.R.'s commitment to innovation is ever-present. We have invested in automation and robotics to increase flexibility and quality. Product quality is monitored throughout the entire production process using modern equipment allowing us to test our products in-house in relation to international standards.

F.I.R certificati

F.I.R. wheels and casters are manufactured according to the following standards:

  • UNI 9223
  • UNI EN 12527
  • UNI EN 12532
  • UNI EN ISO 9001
  • UNI EN ISO 22768-1
  • UNI EN ISO 22768-2
  • ISO 22884

Quality is an important component of F.I.R.'s objectives.

F.I.R. has built its reputation over the years by producing high quality wheels and casters. In collaboration with our customers and suppliers. F.I.R. has devoted increasing resources to the improvement of the quality of its products and service.

health safety environment at the heart of our business

We put health, safety and environment at the heart of our business.


F.I.R. is committed to continuous product and process innovation.

idee su misura

In 2012, F.I.R. was granted the European Patent, Patent no. 2236317

In 2014 F.I.R. was granted a United States Patent, Patent no. US 8,911,025 B2.

In 2014, F.I.R. obtained 6 Registered Community Designs for wheels at OHIM, Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, Trade Marks and Designs:
Registrations no.: 002460139-0001, 002460139-0002, 002460139-0003, 002460139-0004, 002460139-0005, 002460139-0006


F.I.R. 4.0 objective

The F.I.R. 4.0 objective is the digital integration of purchasing, production and sales. F.I.R. is investing in IT and automation in order to have continually smarter product manufacturing: from product planning to product development, supply chain and sales.

We are investing in big data analitycs to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity.


F.I.R. logistics

F.I.R.'s products are shipped from the Modena factory.

F.I.R. logistics

We now offer just in time delivery from our logistics hub in the USA at Royco Logistics (Royersford, PA)