History of ideas

Modena is famous throughout the world for high quality engineering and excellent design. F.I.R. is one of the leading manufacturers of wheels and castors for the industrial and service sector markets and is proud to be a part of the Modena engineering tradition.

F.I.R. was founded by Enrico Rota who pioneered the technologies and use of advanced materials that have made the company very successful. Today, F.I.R. is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel castors and polyurethane wheels.

F.I.R. produces top quality products by the use of the high specification materials and through continuous process innovation. The company is specialized in the moulding and injection of plastics, in particular polyurethane and polyamide, and in moulding both steel plate and stainless steel.

The company mission, summarized in the slogan "Your ideas in motion", is to create value for our clients through the provision of quality, flexibility and service.
Quality is guaranteed by use of the best materials and through continual process innovation.
Flexibility is a consequence of our long experience and our ability to develop tailor-made client solutions.
Service is ensured by fast delivery, quality control and prompt response to client requests.

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Ideas Team

A large part of the improvement and innovation in our products results from working together with our clients. Requests from clients to modify products to their individual specifications and for uses beyond those considered at the original development stage have frequently opened up interesting and mutually profitable opportunities. In the majority of cases, modifications sought by clients are translated into new product ranges or in extension of existing ranges. It is through attention to client requirements and the collaboration of our technical and commercial staff that we are able to ensure continuous improvement and non-stop innovation. With this objective, we are designing and developing wheels with non-standard dimensions, researching new materials and finding innovative technical solutions in order to adapt our wheels and supports for new uses.

F like Flexibility

I like Innovation

R like Research

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Making ideas happen

Through continuing attention to new markets and client requirements, F.I.R. has specialized in the design and development of wheels and castors "on demand". A large part of the research on new materials, design of new products and improvements of existing products is the result of collaboration with F.I.R. customers.
Our slogan is indeed "your ideas in motion"!

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Smart Ideas


Ideas on Demand

idee su misura

Special ideas

Idee speciali

Certified ideas

certificazione iso 9001

certificazione iso 9001

Quality policy

Quality ideas

At F.I.R., the commitment to innovation is ever-present. We have invested in technically advanced machines and equipment which have increased production efficiency and improved product quality. We only use top quality materials. Product quality is constantly monitored using modern equipment which allows us to test our products on site in relation to international standards.

F.I.R. is certified UNI EN ISO 9001

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Why choose F.I.R.




    we have been producing wheels and castors for more than 30 years.


    F.I.R. Quality Management System is in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • Innovation


    we are at the forefront of polyurethane injection processes. We are committed to continuous process and product innovation.
  • Supply Chain


    we choose the most reliable suppliers and the best performing materials.
  • Collaboration


    we create and supply value by interacting with our customers. Our slogan “your ideas in motion” summarizes our mission
  • Lean Manufacturing


    we believe in continuous improvement and apply “lean manufacturing”.
  • Customer satisfaction


    we provide prompt response, value for money and fast delivery to our customers.
  • Flexibility


    we meet special and individual requests by designing and developing tailor-made products.
  • Convenience


    we provide a top class service by bringing together product quality and client convenience.
  • Environment


    we comply with European standards for the protection of the environment.
  • Made in Italy


    we produce and sell “made in Italy”.